About Us

Hi y'all! My name is Kailyn and I am the proud owner of The Bella Paige Boutique. You might be wondering, why call it The Bella Paige Boutique? Well, growing up I always wanted a sister. It took 12 whole years but I finally got one! Her name is Isabella and she has lived up to every expectation I have ever had for a sister. She is one of my main motivations in life, I want to be a great example for her. When I decided to launch my business, I wanted it to mean something. As a result, I've taken one of my interests and the love I have for my sister to create a hopefully successful boutique. Now you're probably still wondering, where does "Paige" come from? Well, that is my middle name and what I believe to be a classic. So all together The Bella Paige Boutique is one of love and style. I hope y'all enjoy it!